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Transforming Your Front Yard Into a Graveyard

Transforming Your Front Yard Into A Graveyard

Ghoulish Graveyard Cemetery Scene

When this year’s trick-or-treaters descend upon your doorstep, give them a graveyard full of thrills and chills to make their Halloween frightfully fun. Whether you spend just five minutes or two hours creating your spooky cemetery scene, it’s easy with all of the ghoulish Halloween decorations at Check out our short video, “How to Create a Cemetery for Halloween”, then follow the 6 simple steps below to help you design your graveyard and easily locate all the decorations you’ll need.

1)   Begin With Frightful Fencing: Our plastic Graveyard Fence links together in sections and is designed for more to be added on, so you can order as much as you like to form a petrifying perimeter.

Graveyard Fence For Your Front Yard

Graveyard Fence

2)   Add Terrifying Tombstones: All of our tombstones are made of lightweight foam or plastic and come with ground stakes to keep them from flying away with the ghosts. You’ll find a vast variety to choose from, including tombstones that light up, quake, and one that’s cleverly designed to cover a fog machine.

3)   Creepify With Crows and Roses: Realistic crow decorations with natural feathers, authentic moss, and black fabric roses make haunting accents.

4)   Bring on the Bag of Bones: Good ol’ Charlie. Scatter his plastic bones around your graveyard to give ghoulish guests a good scare.

Halloween Skeleton Decoration

Bag of Bones

5)   Wrap It Up With Chains: Drape a few of our Jumbo Rusty Chains over the fencing for a final frightening touch.

Rusty Chains For Decoration

Jumbo Rusty Chains

6)   Won’t RIP Without It All? The Hanging Chained Reaper in our video shakes, has wicked glowing eyes, and emits an evil laugh that’ll make your skin crawl. The paper bags you saw in our video are part of the Haunted House LED Luminary Set. Designed for safety, the set features 12 water-filled candle lumabases made of flame-resistant plastic, and 12 decorated Halloween bags with LED amber candles and batteries.

The Grim Reaper Decoration

Animated Hanging Chained Reaper


What else would you add to your cemetery scene from

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