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Send Your Kids On An Adventure Without Going Anywhere

Arrrgh your youngin’s about mystery, adventure and fun? Perhaps they’d fancy being magically transported to places unknown? Or becoming a pirate searching for ye buried treasure? Free with a library membership, these adventures are easy on the budget! They’ll get there through the wonderful world of reading!

Reading allows your child to escape into fantastic whimsical places full of pirates, princesses, wizards, warlocks, talking animals and soooo much more. For a parent, that means improvement in your child’s cognitive, reading, writing and vocabulary skills. It’s National Young Reader’s Week, help them choose a book and encourage your child’s imagination!

Then give your child the chance to create their own adventure and set your next play date as a dress up day. Transform their play space into your child’s favorite character’s world and complete the scene with costumes to match! Include a variety of accessories and let them create their very own look.

Here are just a few popular themes your kids might enjoy. What is your child’s favorite book and who is their favorite character?

Princess Dress Up Party

Princess Dress Up >


M’Lady is a Princess!

Find Princess Costumes and Accessories >

Princess Party Supplies >

Who is your child’s favorite princess?





When I Grow Up Dress Up Costumes

‘When I Grow Up’ Dress Up >


‘When I Grow Up’…

Find ‘When I Grow Up’ Costumes >

Find ‘When I Grow Up’ Accessories >

What does your child want to be when he or she grows up?





Superhero Dress Up Costumes

Superheroes Dress Up >

Superheroes: Sworn To Protect

Find Kids Superheroes Costumes >

Find Superheroes Accessories >

Superhero Party Supplies >

Who is your child’s favorite Superhero?




Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter Dress Up >


Harry Potter

Find Harry Potter and Friends’ Costumes >

Find Harry Potter Party Supplies >

Have your kids read all 7 Harry Potter books? Which was their favorite?


What kind of books does your child enjoy most?


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