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Readying the Christmas Tree

The glow of the tree, the sparkle of the star/angel on top, toasty toes by the fire…. Creating memories, that’s what readying the Christmas tree is all about! I have such fond memories of sitting under the Christmas tree early Christmas morning before I was allowed to wake up Mom & Dad, gazing at the presents & glowing lights….it was AMAZING.

It’s all about tradition. Get your little ones to join in the fun, at the bottom of the tree with the non-breakable ornaments that is. If you have curious kids or kitties, you may run into trouble having the fragile ornaments on the bottom half!!! Get those delicate ones hooked TIGHTLY up top!

Years of watching my mom’s frustration have led me to remember to never put the lights on until they are tested to make sure they work!!! Nothing like putting lights on, decorating and then waiting for that glorious glowing plug-in moment to find that you need to replace lightbulbs on half the tree when they aren’t lit!! Booooo. FAIL!

If you’re getting bored with the plain old tree, try something new – pick a snowman theme or hang candycanes or gingerbread men….then you can admire & EAT the decorations!

Snow Man  Christmas Tree


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