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Ideas for Dress Up Time!!


Every child loves to play dress up, whether they are pretending to be a princess, or transforming themselves into an astronaut, children love letting their imagination run wild and getting into character to play dress up.  The first step in establishing any sort of dress up collection is ultimately collecting the clothes.  Hand me downs work great as they are no longer needed (for instance, an old prom dress or bridesmaid dress) that can be altered to fit your child. Another great idea is to opt for purchasing Halloween costumes outside the season to use year round as dress up clothes and accessories. Costume Express has a curated collection of items that are perfect for dress up!

Getting clothes together to start your collection is only half your battle.  Having the perfect place to store all your child’s dress up apparel and accessories is the other battle.  Instead of spending the big bucks on an actual storage chest, create a unique, one of a kind storage chest from items that you can find in the comfort of your own home.   Perhaps an old dresser, book shelf, or even suitcase might do the trick.  Spruce up these furnishings by adding a fresh coat of paint, add fabric to it, or even personalize with your child’s name to give it a look and feel as unique as your child.  Get creative and even recruit the help of your children for this part.  They will tell you what it is they want, so take their advice.  The end result will leave both you and your child happy and ready for some dress up!

Take a look at the below for some examples of DIY chests and dress up boxes that you can create.

Dress Up Chest

Dress Up Costume Chest

Dress Up Costume Wardrobe

Costume Suitcase

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