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Halloween Candy Buffet

Halloween Parties for kids or adults just got a little sweeter and the presentation aspect of a Halloween Candy Buffet will definitely make your party stand out from the rest. And you thought you didn’t have time to be trendy! Sweet Shoppes, a growing trend in the party circuit, refers to a host’s delicate display of baked goodies and treats including but not limited to: cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, small and large cakes. A Halloween Candy Buffet is another option that presentation-wise, is exactly the same, except that the vessels and containers you use are typically bowls because the sole purpose of the buffet is to all guests to scoop their favorite candy into a festive take-home box or bag.

Halloween Candy Buffet Party SuggestionsDesignate an area in your home preferably against a wall. Position a small table, buffet or hutch positioned against the wall and drape a table cloth over it. From there, set out all the vessels in which you’d like to display your candy or baked treats. Consider using vessels in varying heights to add dimension and contrast to your display. The color of frosting, candies and textures is also worth visualizing because once organized as a display, now we’re looking like a page right out of Martha Stewart!

I suggest setting up the table first, even if means setting out empty vessels. From there, consider orange and black balloon bouquets on either end, a candelabra with real or flickering tea lights, crepe paper twirled from the center of the wall to the edges of the table or hanging tissue decorations like lanterns, tissue fans or fluffy decorations. As you start to empty bags of candy into your vessels, the table comes to life. And you’ll have to enforce a “no snitching” rule until the guests arrive!

For more ideas about how to complete the look you see above, click here.

Be sure to have scoops or a serving utensil in each vessel, especially for candy that is unwrapped. A Halloween treat bag, favor box or container should also be provided so that guests can walk down the buffet and load up on treats to take home with them.

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