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Dress Up in the Christmas Spirit!

Ok, so mom and dad are decorating the tree (actually dad drags the tree in, sets it up – mostly straight, and he’s done! Then mom meticulously puts the ornaments in their exact right spot (one year I had the kids put up their own ornaments and after they went to bed I re-arranged them where they belong)! Then all the rest of the Holiday decorations are distributed through out the house…which takes…FOREVER! What’s a kid to do while mom and dad are so busy? Well, it’s time for Dress Up!

When my kids were little, whatever they dressed up as for Halloween, I tried to get an ornament to commemorate that year, one year my son was Spiderman…Spiderman ornament, my daughter as Ariel…Ariel ornament. Last year I was Black Swan, and I found a ballerina that I glued black feathers on! So as I stroll down memory lane putting up each ornament, the kids go to a toybox full of old costumes and play dress up for me!

Of course, you can always pick up more dress-up clothes and accessories with hundreds to choose from Costume Express!

Time flies so quickly, enjoy the spirit of the season with your little angels!    Kids Angel Costume

So put on your Santa hat and join in on the fun!Santa Claus Hat

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