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Dress Up Essentials for your Rising Star!

Dress-up Costumes For School PlaysGot a budding thespian who just got cast in their first school play?  First off, congrats! Second, as a seasoned connoisseur of the stage, I’d like to share with you the standard (and quite inexpensive) items he or she will find extremely useful when preparing for and in the aftermath of a  stellar performance.

1) Spirit Gum / Spirit Gum Remover.

Children’s plays usually focus around adorable adventures of awesome animals and their friends.Usually the actors aren’t completely masked for this. They use prosthetics and makeup to add animalistic features to their face so their facial expressions remain readable. Spirit gum is a facial adhesive for such prosthetics which is safe and sturdy. You’ll need to get the remover along with it to keep your child from having to spend hours scrubbing the glue off of their face.

2) Wig Cap

If your child is being wigged for a show, the theatre will usually provide a wig cap. There are instances where this does not happen, so having his or her own will help keep their own hair out of the way while keeping the wig in place.

3) Face Painting Sticks

These are fun for dress-up or for a school play where all of the preparation will be done in your home. They’re easy to apply and remove and come in an abundance of colors.

4) Setting Spray

It can get pretty warm under theatrical lights. Using setting spray will help keep makeup from sweating away or blending together.

Now, these are just the basics. If your kid is interested in pursuing theatrical endeavors on a regular basis, they’re going to want to have their own professional makeup kit, character shoes (for girls), mic tape (which is basically just surgical tape you can pick up at a drug store) and a good pair of jazz shoes. Theatre is a whole lot of fun, and a great way to develop the social skills and charisma required for tons of careers outside of the entertainment industry. So if you’re kid likes to play dress up and lives to be in the spotlight, buying these products will not only help minimize mess and stress, the simple gesture will also show them that you believe in their dreams which will push them toward the path to success.

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