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Christmas Pageant Styles for your Theatrical Child

Ever been in this situation? Of course you’re OVERJOYED that your child got a part in the Christmas pageant! But, you know who gets to make their fabulous costume? That’s right. You do. But, don’t worry,  here at Costume Express we know that not all moms and dads have the time (or let’s face it, the patience) to slave all day and night over a costume that will most likely never measure up to little Timmy’s costume who was made by his mother, the professional seamstress. Here are a few classic Christmas styles that will make your child truly shine in the pageant.

1. Mary

Mary Costume

If your kid got the part of Mary in the Nativity play, she’s going to get a lot of stage time. A lot. I’m pretty sure she never actually leaves the stage. She doesn’t say much, just sits and looks at Jesus mostly, which means her costume is going to be the main focus of audience members. This beautifully humble style will surely be a hit.

2. Shepard/Joseph

Joseph Costume

 Joseph is in the same boat as Mary. Not a lot of lines, but a lot of stage time.

3. Santa

Christmas Santa Suit

It’s a huge honor to get to play Santa at a Christmas pageant. You have to have charisma, character, a jolly and hearty laugh; and of course, an elaborate and authentic costume.

4. Elf

Kids Elf CostumeKids have lots of ideas in their minds of what elves are supposed to look and dress like. This costume is probably the easiest to make from clothing and materials at home (since you can really go wherever you want with it), but here’s a classic style that will have your child looking undeniably elvish.

5. Angel

Christmas Angel Costume

 Many Nativity plays either open with an angel or are narrated by one. This sweet and serene style will have the audience hanging on your child’s every word.

Have you ever had to make a Christmas pageant costume? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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