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Baby’s First Halloween (Halloween Costume Ideas for Parents and Babies)

Your baby’s first Halloween can be a wonderful time to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Baby may not remember his or her first Halloween costume, but you, your friends and your family will. And, when your child is older, the photos and videos will become special keepsakes of the occasion.

Here are a 6 simple steps to follow when planning your baby’s first Halloween:

1. Choose a safe, comfortable costume for your baby. makes this first step easy. All of the infant and toddler costumes on the site have been tested and have passed safety regulations for choking hazards, so you can relax, knowing your baby will be safe. The baby costumes are also designed without masks to keep baby comfortable and safe. (Skip the face paint. It’s much safer and easier to use when your child is older.)

2. Plan to dress in costume yourself, too! Dressing up adds to the fun of this special first Halloween and will make the holiday more memorable for everyone. Some perfect costumes to choose are ones that match your baby’s. has a wonderful selection of matching costumes for parents and babies. (Some cute ideas are shown below.) If you have older children, there are many choices for them to dress up in the same costume theme, too. Choose your costumes early to ensure that you get your first choice of size and selection.

handsome devil costumehere comes trouble baby costumewomens angel costume

Devil + Angel Costumes = Double Trouble


mickey mouse costumebaby mickey mouse costumewomens minnie mouse costume

Mickey Mouse Club Costumes


angry birds ice bomb birdred angry birds buntingblack sassy angry birds costume

 Angry Birds Family Costumes


the avengers captain america costume

baby hulk costumethe avengers black widow costume

The Avengers Superhero Costumes


mens greaser jacket

baby pink poodle costume50s poodle skirt costume

50s & Pink Poodle Retro Costumes


mens pirate costume

baby capn stinker pirate costumewomens pirate wench costume

Pirate Crew Costumes

3. Make a list of friends and family members you’d like to see, making sure to keep your baby’s needs and limits in mind. Contact everyone ahead of time so they know you’d like to stop by on Halloween. Chances are very good they’ll be touched and excited to see you and your baby in costume.

4. If your baby is old enough to eat snacks, bring along a few favorites, and tell your friends and family not to worry about handing out candy, since you’ll be bringing along something your baby can eat.

5. Remember your camera and video camera to record this special first milestone. Be sure you have enough memory left for additional photos and video footage. Charge any batteries or video cards the day before.

6. And finally, be prepared to go home as soon as your little one is ready. Resist the desire to keep your baby out, and if you have older children, form a back-up plan so that one parent can take baby home and the other can stay out longer with the older kids as needed.

If you follow the steps above, you’re bound to have a happy and fun-filled Halloween with many beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

popeye costume for halloween

swee pea baby bunting costumewomens olive oyl costume

Popeye, Swee’ Pea & Olive Oyl Costumes  -  Toot-Toot!

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