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Send Your Kids On An Adventure Without Going Anywhere

Arrrgh your youngin’s about mystery, adventure and fun? Perhaps they’d fancy being magically transported to places unknown? Or becoming a pirate searching for ye buried treasure? Free with a library membership, these adventures are easy on the budget! They’ll get there through the wonderful world of reading! Reading allows your child to escape into fantastic whimsical places full of pirates, …Continue reading →


Christmas Pageant Styles for your Theatrical Child

Ever been in this situation? Of course you’re OVERJOYED that your child got a part in the Christmas pageant! But, you know who gets to make their fabulous costume? That’s right. You do. But, don’t worry,  here at Costume Express we know that not all moms and dads have the time (or let’s face it, the patience) to slave all …Continue reading →


Dress Up in the Christmas Spirit!

Ok, so mom and dad are decorating the tree (actually dad drags the tree in, sets it up – mostly straight, and he’s done! Then mom meticulously puts the ornaments in their exact right spot (one year I had the kids put up their own ornaments and after they went to bed I re-arranged them where they belong)! Then all …Continue reading →


Readying the Christmas Tree

The glow of the tree, the sparkle of the star/angel on top, toasty toes by the fire…. Creating memories, that’s what readying the Christmas tree is all about! I have such fond memories of sitting under the Christmas tree early Christmas morning before I was allowed to wake up Mom & Dad, gazing at the presents & glowing lights….it was …Continue reading →


‘Tis the Season for the Best Family Christmas Movies

Christmas bells are just around the corner again! It seems to creep earlier and earlier each year, doesn’t it? Be ready with the best of Christmas movies at your fingertips, to keep the entire family entertained (and getting along! ha) between present opening, caroling, and  sledding. My personal favorite is Elf. I am not ashamed to admit I have busted this movie out in …Continue reading →


Iron Baby!!!

And now the answer to the age old question: What do brilliant baby billionaires do with their spare time? Patrick Boivin seems to know the exact way start with something utterly adorable and turn it into something utterly epic. This is his first awesome baby vid which features his infant daughter. Catch his son in the follow up vid, DRAGON BABY! Know of any other cute …Continue reading →


Ideas for Dress Up Time!!


Every child loves to play dress up, whether they are pretending to be a princess, or transforming themselves into an astronaut, children love letting their imagination run wild and getting into character to play dress up.  The first step in establishing any sort of dress up collection is ultimately collecting the clothes.  Hand me downs work great as they are …Continue reading →


Babies + Dragons = YouTube Gold!

In the epic battle of baby vs. dragon, who will reign supreme? This awesomely adorable vid was made by Patrick Boivin, a self taught French Canadian  filmmaker and stars his 1 year old son, Romeo. With the help of some professional stuntmen and a little movie magic, Dragon Baby was born! And with over 21,000,000 views and counting, the viral …Continue reading →


How is Your Family Celebrating Thanksgiving?

                           Traditional? Or …..?       We have all the Thanksgiving items you need to make it a fun-filled day! For me and my family, if I’m doing the cooking, that bird is in the oven before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade so I can sit back and enjoy that …Continue reading →


You Don’t Need a Fairy Godmother to be Cinderella… Just Costume Express!

With Cinderella ll “Dreams Come True” and lll “A Twist in Time” out on Blu-Ray ontoday, it’s time to get those Cinderella costumes out for some serious play dress up time!  Check out all our Cinderella dress up costumes and accessories!   Sounds like hours of fun to me! Maybe even host a Princess party and have all Cinderella friends …Continue reading →